White Marble

White Marble : Elegance and Silence

White marble has been used throughout history and round the world to form classic and chic environments each inside and outdoors.
Currently, singular comes, each residential and edifice, incorporate this unaltered natural stone in their avant-garde styles, turning it into absolutely the protagonist. White backgrounds dotted with veins in several tonal ranges are a trend in interior style.

White Marble 1

To talk regarding white marble is to speak regarding nonuniformity and decorative richness. Every of them prints a unique temperament in every house. The physical property of Snow White, the opalescence of Mugla White and therefore the nobility of Calacatta embellish the most effective environments.

White Marble Applications

White marble is applicable to any project. It will cowl the walls and floors of interior or exterior areas. It conjointly fits absolutely in lavatory or room countertops.

White Marble Coffee Table

White Marble Coffee Table
White Marble Coffee Table

Natural Stone

Natural stone; If you want to add a superior style to your spaces with its irresistible simplicity and nobility of white, this category is for you. Thanks to the white marble quarries, this natural stone is processed in our factories and put into special forms. In this category, all White marbles are combined with all the white marble colors and models removed from the quarries in the world. If you want to give a clean and clear look to your environment, you can choose white which is considered the main color of hygiene. The white marble models, which have a variety of patterns, have a lively and vibrant look.

Product Details

White marble, a luxurious choice as a kitchen, countertop and wall covering, is one of the most preferred models due to its eye-catching elegance, easy to clean. Italy, Turkey and Greece are white marble origin and design having the original vessel selection, compatibility with both shows contrast preferences.

Tile Flooring

Convenient Tile flooring Models Kitchen ceramics can be composed of ceramic stones with certain geometric forms and tiles models where different materials are used together are among the product options included in this category. Especially in the square and rectangular shape of different colors of ceramic stones are brought together by bringing together the colors of the stones in the plates created by many models are faced. Glass mosaics are used in some products, while the user can choose the desired product and obtain the desired texture on the kitchen walls. Kitchen ceramics with a variety of appearance such as natural stone and brick are among the alternative products offered under this category. In addition, especially in recent years, one of the trends in the decoration of the kitchen tiles with tile patterns is a demand for users. Tile pattern products, which are used in both flooring and wall ceramics, are preferred frequently in other places such as kitchen ceramics. The use of such products in passage areas such as entrances and corridors is frequently encountered in different places such as workplaces, cafes, restaurants and hotels.

Volakas Polished Marble Tiles 36x36-marble sale-Atlantic Stone Source
Volakas Polished Marble Tiles 36×36-marble sale-Atlantic Stone Source

Types of White Marble


White Marble Backgroud

White Marble Countertops

White marble countertops2
White marble countertops2


White marble countertops
White marble countertops

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